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Our featured services are ……

We can overseed your yard if you have shade trees and would like grass to grow beneath them.

Aeration & Overseed

With a range of lawn care services we can bring your lawn to a state of glory suitable to every season.

Lawn Care Program

Gentle and effective care for shrubs and small trees – taking careful precaution to minimize harm to our little (as well as very little) friends, like the bees, butterflies, earthworms, beneficial wasps and microorganisms..

Shrub Care Program


Our vision is to remain a small company that provides quality care. The same highly skilled individual will be the one coming to service your property year in and year out (as long as is physically possible beneath the grueling heat of the Southern sun); which means not only great protection for your lawn and shrubs, but hopefully a sense of security to you as well.

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We are very flexible in our ability to confront an issue that might come up in your yard. If we notice something that needs to be done apart from what was regularly scheduled, we will often treat it too right then, if it is in line with your wishes, without any extra cost to you.

We are not so foolish as to think we can tame the beast of nature and turn it into something like a sterile stone statue of a cat. No, we are working alongside wild, living things that constantly demand renewal in methodology. That is the passing frustration and continuing glory of it all.

By the Sweat of Our Brow

We Shall Nurture Your Plants and Fight off their Foes.

Like a reliable traveling farmer

We return to cultivate your lands.

Quick to notice new pest patterns

Finding solutions to emerging problems before they are established.

Over 15 years prowling lawns!

A great wealth of daily grind experience.

Dressed for safety and for battle

Looking out for the wellbeing of everyone, and everything, except the harmful ones.