Aeration & Overseed

If you have shade areas and would like to grow grass we can seed your lawn with fescue grass. Using the ingredients suitable to your specific soil you will have a stand of new grass that is more likely to survive both winter and summer.

  • Mechanical core aeration
  • Starter fertilizer
  • Lime
  • Gypsum
  • Compost
  • Organic fertilizers
  • Perennial rye overseed of bermuda or zoysia grass

Lawn Care

With a range of lawn care services we can bring your lawn to a state of glory suitable to every  season. We usually do a 7 treatment program; but we are able to do as many or as few treatments as you desire or need.

  • Pre & Post Emergent Weed Control Sprays
  • Granular Fertilization & Spot Weed Control
  • Preventive & Curative Lawn Insect & Disease Control
  • Lime or Gypsum Applications
  • Compost Applications & Biological Health Sprays
  • Growth Regulator Sprays

Shrub & Small Tree Care

With gentle and effective care for shrubs and small trees – taking careful precaution to minimize harm to our little (as well as very little) friends, like the bees, butterflies, earthworms, beneficial wasps and microorganisms. We usually do a comprehensive 6 treatment program; but we are able to do as many or few as you need, or even treat individual plants on an as needed basis.

  • Synthethic & Organic Shrub Fertilization
  • Preventive & Curative Insect Control Sprays
  • Preventive Fungicide Sprays

Crape Myrtle Bark Scale Control

If the bark of your crape myrtle trees has turned black you most likely have an infestation of the crape myrtle bark scale. If the trees have already flowered we provide methods that will not harm pollinators.

  • Preventive Insecticide Soil Injections or Drenches
  • Curative Insecticide Tablets
  • Curative Basal Trunk Sprays
  • Synthetic and Organic Fertilizers

Mosquito Control

If you actually want to enjoy being in your backyard, our mosquito spray can mightily reduce your mosquito population for about three weeks and apply biological larvicide in standing water containers to prevent many of the future bloodsuckers from developing. We usually do this treatment on an as needed basis.

Commercial Properties

We can treat your storefront or office space surroundings i cost-effective way that still freshens the appeal and will make you feel like home – perhaps in some ways more so. No half hearted efforts! Because we want to enjoy being at our workplace as well.

Mole Control

We have some methods available to deal with these dark underground critters that aimlessly grope tunnels through your yard. Although moles often find a way to circumvent every type of  attempt, trapping is usually the most reliable method; as well as the most satisfying when successful.

  • Mole Trapping
  • Mole Repellents
  • Grub Prevention

The grass really does not have to be greener on the other side…

We understand the driving point behind the saying, yet believe familiarity does not have to breed contempt. With regular, refreshing care your temporary habitation can become a satisfying reflection of the truly evergreen home that we are all grasping for. You can adorn the outsides of your home with the aid of EverGreene, and your home will adorn you.

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