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EverGreene was founded by a kind and clever man with the extremely suitable surname Greene. Since 2014 the owner and operator is Jonathan Schmit, who has worked in the Memphis horticulture industry since 1999. Occasionally another athletic and dexterous man with the first name Jonathan adds his certified lawn care knowledge and skills to the work.


The owner of this business takes very seriously what the world’s most sold book has to say about subjects like service, mammon, honest soil, weeds that choke out, plants that flourish in unlikely conditions, temporary flashes of lilywhite glory… and lasting evergreen ones.

Enjoying the job - loving the place

We like what we do. We love this country and see mainly the good parts of this often despised city. We have tried living in other places and pursued different occupations – this is what we want to do. Only picking golden chanterelles in an evergreen forest on a warm sunny day under the cover of the ‘allemansrätt’ comes close to spot spraying weeds in Memphis in April.

Real Life Artists

Every yard we come upon is like a real life unfinished canvas to add healthier life and more vibrant colors to. We genuinely put our heart into the work in such a way that – even when using some of the most menial of materials – bring out the unique hidden beauty of any place.

Always learning - ever adapting

Nature has an amazing ability to find ways around our clever attempts at final subjugation, and will either develop resistances or bring in new weeds and bugs from who knows where. We will pay any cost it takes to find the most effective legal solution to combat these pests and deliver your precious lawn and shrubs from their tormentors.

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Please mention your specific lawn and shrub care desires; also include any known past issues that you fear might return, and we will come out and assess your property as soon as we are able.

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Before the forsythias bloom…

Remember that it is often easier (and less expensive) to prevent the many lawn and shrub issues that are likely to occur than to wait until the infestation is right upon you.




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